Professional advice to meet your data privacy obligations

Dapris' consultancy services help businesses implement data protection systems in compliance with current legislation.

Data protection compliance entails more than an updated privacy notice.


Businesses and organisations need to comply with the GDPR, UK DPA 2018 and the PECD. Our consultants can help you analyse your business systems to determine whether your record-keeping and handling and processing of personal data meet the legal requirements.

Your accountability and obligations

Data controllers and processors have different obligations depending on the legal basis under which data is obtained and used. Many organisations have simply relied on individuals' consent to handle data but this may not be the most appropriate legal grounds for a business or organisation to use.


Dapris offers a range of services to suit different businesses' needs.

Delivered by the experienced and knowledgeable team at Dapris, the services below provide a cost-effective way to bring your systems into line with current data protection laws.


We can deliver a GDPR or data protection lecture at your event.

Consider an in-house presentation to company managers or staff.


Receive free initial advice by phone or email.

Ongoing advice is charged at standard consultancy rates.

Phone / email / conference call / on-site.


Review of company systems

Compliance analysis against GDPR, DPA and PECD

Report and recommendations

Tailored to micro, small or medium sized businesses


Data protection compliance for small businesses


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